88x31 button

88x31 Button

In case you're not aware what this is, it's a button in in the style of Geocities-era site buttons. Here's a bunch of them.

88x31 button

If you want to link back to me using this button, you're welcome to hotlink the button graphic if you want (or rehost it). It will always be available at this URL:


Display considerations

Pixel art scales up poorly and looks blurry by default on the web. If you use my button, please use image-rendering: pixelated in the CSS to ensure it looks crisp.

Hover over the buttons below for an example.

88x31 button
88x31 button

Finally, it's important the button isn't stretched. It needs to be 88px wide by 31px tall, or a multiple of that.

Copy Code

Below is a piece of code you can copy to put my button on your site:

  style="display: contents"
    alt="chitin.link button"
    style="image-rendering: pixelated; width: 88px; height: 31px;"