Ron Paul's
Funeral City
350,000,000 dead

This site is an archive of "Ron Paul Funeral City", a surreal art piece written across multiple posts in what was previously an aesthetic/fashion tumblr blog. (possibly had a different URL before funeral city?)

Not all of the blog's posts are archived here, only ones posted on and after July 12th, 2012, when Funeral City "began".

The blog is still up, however inactive, and you can browse its archive.

A link to the original and a copy in the Internet Archive is available for every post.

Edits have been made to accomodate the posts outside of Tumblr, to fix dead links, and remove extraneous spaces, but I tried to make sure the formatting was mostly the same.

Everything here save for a few guest posts was written by @Tetradugenikid.

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